Patterson Dental

Patterson Dental is the exclusive distributor for a range of Sirona products including equipment and software to dentists and dental laboratories throughout North America.


Services Rendered

The basic goal of our online marketing strategy was to greatly increase the amount of traffic, as well as new visitors. This was acheived through content strategy, paid search program, partnerships, and closely monitoring results. Our goals were reached by 2 and 3-fold numbers!


  • Content Strategy
  • Launched Paid & Retargeting Campaigns
  • Created Paid Search Landing Pages
  • Leveraged Strategic Partnerships



  • 117% Increase in Overall Site Visits
  • 190% Increase in Site Users
  • Paid Search is the Largest Source of Site Traffic making up 40% of Visits
  • Email Marketing Campaigns have contributed to 7.32% of Site Visits


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