Neuwave Systems

For nearly two decades, discerning homeowners and businesses alike have relied on Neuwave Systems for all their home and commercial electronics services. We’ve helped them promote their services through a multitude of platforms in order to best reach their customers.

Print & Advertising

We’ve created multiple informational and seasonal flyers advertising Neuwave’s products and specials to their customers. We work hard to create collateral that ensures brand continuity and is an extension of their web presence.

Website Design & Development

As their technologies were keeping up with the times, they needed their website to as well. We updated their digital presence to be more simplified, lighter, and responsive on all devices. With pops of color and subtle animation, we elevated their brand as a whole.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team targeted three specific groups: consumers, builders, and commercial businesses. Based on these specific audiences, we directed them to the Neuwave website through Facebook ads, email marketing, Google display ads, and search engine marketing.

Overall Goals