About Wilmington Design Company

"What's the Purpose?"

It’s a question my staff hears daily. It drives every project, every campaign, and every meeting.


That’s because twenty years ago, I was in your shoes.


Now on the other side of the table, I never forget my roots, and I never let my team forget what our purpose is:


To help businesses like yours grow.

It's About the people, not the pixels

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Meet Our Team

We’re designers, digital marketers, and web developers that speak the language of business and produce work that is both beautiful and successful.

Bill Hunter

President / Creative Director

David Lawless

Web Developer

Michael Waverka

Digital SEO/SEM/PPC Strategist

Mike Melendres

Account Services Manager

Leah Marsden

Marketing Director

Casey Davis

UX/UI Designer

Kim Hunter

Operations Director

John Boerckel

Web/Graphic Designer

Chuck Emory

Senior Developer

Konni Johnson

Project Manager

Sammie Stiehle

Digital Marketing Strategist

Zoë Williams

Account Manager

Carolyn Pikoulas

Art Director / Designer

Rebecca Knight

Senior Graphic Designer

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Katelyn Griffith

Digital Marketing Strategist

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We place a huge importance on giving back to our community and and believe in the power of the internet to bring people together.