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Katelyn Griffith

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Representing the great state of Oklahoma (#Boomer), Katelyn comes to us with a myriad of marketing experiences under her belt. She’s dabbled in almost every aspect, from mom and pop social media management to PR events at music festivals to good ole’ newspaper promotions. While data and demographics are her main drive, she can be caught working on the creative side from time to time.


910-395-9997 Ext 123




BIRTHDAY: National Mean Girls Day

EDUCATION: The University of Oklahoma

DEGREE: Demographics in Media/Advertising

  • Activities: Crocheting (not knitting, it’s different), traveling, occasional volleyball, trying new things
  • Beverage: Milk! Chocolate and whole milk are my top 2
  • TV Shows: Criminal Minds, New Girl, Bridgerton
Random Facts
  1. Has done a cartwheel on the highest floor of the Eiffel tower
  2. Certified Zumba instructor but never taught a class
  3. Was nationally recognized for her high school yearbook #Yerd
  4. Planned/part of 60+ weddings
Bucket List
  1. Own a chain of boutique hotels
  2. Discover a new species
  3. Touch the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the same day
  4. Live in Vegas (Maybe)
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