Tidewater Investment Co.

Tidewater Investment Company is a private investment firm targeted to high net worth individuals and family offices.

  • Branding
  • Website Design & Development
tidewater investments blue logo


WDC created a logo that combined the letters T and W. The monogram also represents a sailboat as well as an anchor, tying in the values of the company and aligning it to the location of the clients which they serve.

tidewater colored logo
tidewater logo icon
tidewater investments branded paper
tidewater branded material

Website Design & Development

Tidewater wanted to make a big impression from the first view of the website homepage. To do this, we used a full width video playing in the background with aerial shots of the cities in which they serve.

tidewater investments home page example
tidewater investments mobile website
tidewater investments home page website
tidewater investments desktop website
tidewater investments employees