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At WDC, we find great value in investing in t-shirts as they increase brand name recognition and loyalty. While quantifying the return of a t-shirt may not be as easy as looking at click-through metrics, businesses who overlook this marketing tactic are m
A simple concept that we use to help stay ahead of the curve is the 80/20 rule. Essentially, the 80/20 Rule suggests spending 80% of the time doing the things necessary to move the needle for your business, and the remaining 20% of your time learning.
Figuring out and then communicating what truly sets you apart may be a tricky process. As tempting as it sounds, your business simply cannot be all things to all people. Once you unlock and hone your USP, you will be better able to focus your message.
If you’re struggling to keep your clients attention, you’re not alone. Typically, a person will leave a web page in under 10 seconds – which isn’t a very long time to convince them that they should be your customer.