Our Year In Review

Our Year In Review

It’s the time of year to reflect, reset, and refresh our business strategy. We got together as a team, kick backed, poured a mug of something heart-warming, and did a little thinking over the past 52 weeks.

Looking back on 2018 has shown us what an amazing journey we have embarked upon this year. Besides all of the great times we spent together doing things like Pizza Thursdays and team outings at local hotspots, we also achieved a lot with our company and our clients in a very quick amount of time.

From new faces who joined our team to a community that worked together to rebuild itself from a horrific hurricane, here is a quick look back at our year.

We Have Lift Off! – We had the chance to launch a lot of new custom websites this year. With our clients, we worked together — from discovery to developing to testing — with one goal in mind: to develop the best website for their business! Take a look at some of our work.

Award-Winning Designs – For the SIXTH year in a row, our design team are winners (5x Winners) for the Graphic Design USA Awards. Our designers not only focus on visually appealing layouts and logos but also on user experience and functionality, which includes a wide range of features such as complex forms and integrated apps.

Working Smarter & Harder – Our Digital Marketing team saw a huge increase in growth. Not only did we initiate the most campaigns ever, but we also welcomed 3 new faces to the team. We find that the best digital marketing initiatives happen when everything works together under one collaborative roof. From SEO, paid search and social, to email marketing and content development, our team masters it all to support our client’s most important goals. 

No Mo Flo! – Yeah, our building got hit by a huge oak tree, but we know we were definitely one of the lucky ones in our strong-willed community who faced this horrible natural disaster. We were out of commission for a few weeks, but even a hurricane couldn’t stop our employees from working away (benefits for being plugged in online!). Sometimes when tough times occur, it brings people together. This hurricane really put things into perspective with all of us here at WDC. We got to understand our shared vulnerability — life makes no promises — may be frightening, but it can inspire kindness, connection, and desire to stand together and support each other, which is exactly what our employees and community did; come together, rely on each other, and supported one another. Acute stress, as unpleasant as it may be, may also be an opportunity to experience the most beautiful aspects of life: social connection (offline) and love.

Looking Ahead

2018 was a busy year for us and a successful one for our customers! At WDC, everything we do is in pursuit of better supporting our clients. The hard-working, be better, caring attitude this team brings each day is contagious and we keep ourselves motivated throughout the year.

In a weird way, 2018 was all about moving in full force into 2019. We can’t tell you everything that’s coming this year, but take our word for it – there’s never been a better time to be a part of our journey.

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