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Is my phone listening to me!? How else could I have been targeted by this ad? Coincidence? Probably not. You likely have a similar story to share–centered around the belief that your phone is, in fact, eavesdropping.
Is cable TV really dead? With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu taking fame away from cable TV, marketers have had shifted their advertising dollars. We break down the differences between TV ad spend and Digital ad spend.
Wilmington Design Co. was recently named the winner of three American Web Design Awards presented by Graphic Design USA. WDC’s team of designers and web developers were recognized for their outstanding creative work for clients across varying industries.
You’ve worked hard. You built out complex marketing campaigns, you’ve hired outside help to consult on best practices, you’ve invested money into advertising, and now the leads are rolling in. So you’ve got all these leads… now what?
Despite the misleading nature, the era of fake news has shed light on marketing strategies that prove to be persuasive and engaging. Looking to make your company’s marketing more novel, emotional, strategic, and shareable? Let’s get started!
Looking back on 2018 has shown us what an amazing journey we have embarked upon this year. Besides all of the great times we spent together doing things like Pizza Thursdays and team outings at local hotspots, we also achieved a lot with our company and o
Our internal deliberation about who serves up the best burgers in Wilmington sparked a slightly different discussion between our designers and developers. To hamburger or not to hamburger when it comes to web design?
The doodle is the perfect office tool: I’s user-friendly, it costs next to nothing to adopt and it’s accessible to all of us–not just the artistically inclined.