Christmas in July: Your Holiday Marketing Timeline

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According to the National Retail Federation, holiday shopping rakes in more than $465 billion a year in nationwide spending! This cheery and generous season is a top revenue driver across so many industries, keeping businesses small and large profitable into the new year.

If this cyclical season-of-spending is said to be critical for success, why do so many businesses owners continue to find themselves a beat behind big-box retailers when it comes to holiday advertising?

Think about it, holiday shopping requires thought, planning, and research as you scout out the best deal around town or online. Many people begin their search for the perfect gifts well before the first leaf of the season falls, so doesn’t it make sense to plan your holiday marketing efforts around your consumer’s behavior?

What should my Holiday Marketing Timeline look like?

We know you cringe when you see holiday candy and decorations line the aisles before Halloween even rolls around, but this is actually the most ideal way to reach consumers and plant the shopping seed early. The concept of Christmas in July is pretty much spot-on seeing how more than 50% of American consumers will have begun shopping before the spooky day.

Using the summer months to refocus your planning efforts, allows ample time to strategize and structure your holiday promotions before the seasonal rush suddenly takes over. Preparation never hurt anyone!

How Can I Organize My Holiday Efforts?

In order to experience the most success possible, put your thinking cap (or Santa hat) on at least 6 months in advance. Develop a month-by-month plan that clearly states actionable steps to generate awareness and promote your business. We find these Promotional Calendars to be a helpful resource year-round as well as during busy seasons, such as the holidays.

Your Promotional Calendar can include dates and content for social posts, email blasts, abandoned cart messages, ad creative, web updates, and more. Stay organized and ahead of the competition!

There’s No Time Like The Present

At the end of the day, the best time to jumpstart next year’s end of year planning is now. Keep a running list of the lessons you learn from today’s business decisions, however small they may be. Take a look at your top-performing service lines, products, social posts, etc. and identify the strengths and weaknesses of this year’s efforts.


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