Digital Marketing's Invisible Fence

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Can location-based marketing help your business?

When you hear “invisible fence,” you probably think of your sweet dog, sitting on the edge of your driveway, not daring to go any further. You’ve mapped out a perimeter around your property, and he’s learned over time that it’s wisest for him to stay put within the unseen boundaries.

Now, let’s talk about a different kind of invisible fence. It’s a similar concept called geofencing, which is an incredibly useful digital marketing tool that can make serious waves for your business.

So, what is it?

In simplified technical terms, geofencing is a service that triggers an alert when a device such as a phone enters a predetermined, or “fenced,” location. Geofencing technology involves GPS or RFID (radio frequency identification) software, which then lets marketers draw shapes on a map of an area that they wish to monitor or target.

Why should you consider geofencing?

Benefits of incorporating geofencing into your marketing strategy include increasing loyalty, boosting ROI, and reaching brand new customer segments. At its very core, geofencing aims to target leads within a specific area, which has limitless potential to make your marketing dollars work for you in the most efficient way.

From social advertising to push-notifications and email alerts, you are able to reach people where you need to the most. If you take advantage of all of its benefits, geofencing opens up an entire world of endless possibilities to integrate into your digital marketing spend.

For example, if a regular customer walks by your doughnut shop, geofencing allows you to deliver a tailored ad to their phone, say with a happy hour offer. If a tourist is visiting a town for the weekend and is scrolling through their Instagram feed, your business is able to target them with a tantalizing photo of your hot doughnuts and coffee. How could they resist?

You can learn more about creating highly targeted digital marketing campaigns and strategies for your business here.

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