Bill Pelon

Web Developer

Bill joined the WDC team in 2015. He has over 12 years of design and web development experience ranging from web projects to API integrations and app development. Bill relocated back to Wilmington from Indianapolis along with his wife Nina, and their two pups Ellia and Sophia who happen to be greyhounds.


HOBBIES: Bicycles, Motorcycles, Camping, Homebrewing

MUSIC: Crippled Black Phoenix, God is an Astronaut, Cult of Luna, Deafhaven

MOVIES: I’m not much for movies… or tv… but I love me some popcorn.

Random Facts

  • I’ve spent more time on cruise ships than I have cared to.
  • I prefer bicycles to driving.
  • I was a member of the Super Bowl Host Committee for Super Bowl XLVI

Bucket List

  1. Ride across the US on a bicycle.
  2. Beat my father at pool more than one 1 of 20 games.
  3. Catch some giant sea beast now that I live on the coast


Nickname: Schweelon … please don’t ask

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Birthday: March 9

College: University of Georgia

Degree: BA Management Information Systems

WDC life. in and out of the office



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