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Mike Melendres

Account Services Manager

Mike is a talented IT professional with extensive experience managing email and web servers. He is also an expert in providing technical support and website training. Mike is known for his fantastic client support and his ability to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that may arise. He is committed to providing excellent customer service and will go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met.


910-395-9997 ext. 126




BIRTHDAY: January 13

  • HOBBIES: I’m a science & technology nerd. Board games, 3d printing, drones, video games, etc
  • MUSIC: Mostly Rock and Folk, lately I’ve been especially into music from the 50s
  • LOCAL HANG-OUT: Anywhere with my kids!
  • WEBSITE: This one of course.
  • MOVIES: O Brother Where Art Thou, The Watchmen, Arrival
  • BOOKS: Mostly fantasy (prefer high fantasy) and sci-fi (prefer hard sci-fi).  My favorite book is Slaughterhouse Five; right now I’m reading The Three Body Problem
  • TV SHOWS: The Boys, Stranger Things, Invincible, The Expanse
Random Facts
  1. I can label all the countries on a blank map of the world.
Bucket List
  1. Learn to fly a plane.
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