So you want to refresh your email marketing strategy and give it a boost in the right direction, but don’t know where to start?

In order to better your marketing strategy, it’s vital to constantly add new contacts to your email list so that you can continue to generate growth. Email lists, also known as subscriber lists, get smaller as members unsubscribe and grow with proper lead generation strategies.

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing, and with that comes new technologies and methods to grow your email list. While it’s easy to believe that purchasing email addresses is a quick way to get more leads and grow your list, it’s not always the best way. 

In reality, the best way to grow your email lists is with tried-and-true methods that are straightforward and relatively simple to implement. Check out a few of our favorite methods below:

1. Social Media Posts

Implementing your social media strategy is a crucial way to grow your email list. You can use similar tactics across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to turn your followers and fans into subscribers. Facebook and Twitter make it easy for you to add a link to sign up for your emails through captions in your posts, while you can link out your sign-up form in your bio on Instagram. We recommend incorporating A/B testing in your social posts to determine which platforms give you the most email list growth.

2. Referral Programs

According to – over 75% of people are more likely to purchase a product because they heard about it from a friend or family member. Of those people, 84% of them say that they either somewhat or completely trust referrals from people they know. Therefore, referral marketing is one of the most trusted sources of information about new businesses or services.

3. Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are one of the most lucrative ways to increase engagement in a marketing campaign. They can earn conversion rates of up to 34% and engagement rates of up to 5.8%, while only costing you the item or offer that you’re giving away to the winner. About 95% of people will share a giveaway or contest as soon as they enter, making this a great way to also leverage your referral strategy. Asking for a person to submit their email address when entering a contest is an easy way to add them to your email list.

4. Short Videos

In recent years, short videos have taken over all platforms of marketing, and email is surprisingly no different. More than 80% of businesses use videos in their email marketing campaigns, while consumption of videos is increasing by 100% each year. Including a video in your email campaigns increases engagement tenfold with little investment on your part. Not only does short videos increase engagement within campaigns, it can also entice people to sign up for your emails when you include exclusive and entertaining content as the focal point.

5. How-To Videos

A how-to video series is a key way to boost engagement for businesses that offer services. With 96% of online users watching how-to videos to learn more about a product, explainer videos are by far one of the most popular forms of content. Since three fourths of people prefer to watch short videos (think one minute or less like videos on TikTok), you can break up your how-to videos into smaller chunks to make engagement last longer. Promote these how-to videos as exclusive access to your email subscribers as a way to grow your email list.

6. Early Access and Special Promotions

Offering early access to new products or services is a great incentive to get more people to subscribe to your list. You can also give out exclusive offers to email subscribers as an incentive. People love being the first ones to have something new, especially if it’s discounted. Try advertising a special promotion only for email subscribers as a way to grow your list.

7. Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are shown when a web visitor is about to exit the browser or leave your website, and usually prompts them to sign up to your email lists for exclusive updates and offers. Although a majority of internet users get access via their mobile devices in 2021, the average conversion rate for this method is still around 3.9%. We recommend using cookies to track when people are coming or returning to your site so that you don’t show the same pop-up prompt twice. Not cool with extent intent pop-ups for collecting email signups? Then try using a sidebar email sign-up form, which is known to increase your email list by over 1,300%! 

Note that while you are implementing any of these methods of email list growth, it’s important to ask for a user’s permission to opt-in to marketing emails before they sign up so that your efforts are not flagged as spam. With the right email marketing growth strategy and ways to perform A/B testing, your open and engagement rates are sure to grow substantially over time.

Ready to get growing but don’t want to go at it alone? Contact us today and let our team of digital marketing experts come alongside you in your email marketing growth journey!