Creating a Caricature…

hand drawing a sketch

Ever wondered how we create our infamous caricatures? Let us take you on a time lapse video tour that begins with a hand drawn sketch and ends with the well known faces you may have seen on our website and business cards.

Here’s a quick backstory about the evolution and history of our caricatures: When I came on board in 2007, we had decided to do something a little different with our team members’ profiles (rather than merely having our photographs). Using my trusty illustration skills, I managed to create caricatures of each of our coworkers (which were only 5 of us at the time). As we’ve grown, every new employee has reluctantly allowed me to draw their portrait, and in return, they would receive a free coffee mug with an image of their new cartoon face.

Click on the image below to see a caricature drawn from start to finish:

(A big shout out to our newest newbie, Jamie Brooks, for allowing us to demonstrate how the magic happens!)

Caricature Creation: Step by Step

  1. I start out by hand drawing a basic sketch of the person’s face with a plain ol’ pencil and paper, focusing on his or her unique facial features.
  2. After I’m pleased with the sketch, I scan the drawing into my computer.
  3. Using a digital drawing tablet and Photoshop, I outline it and loosely paint a flat flesh tone
  4. Then, I work in the shadows and highlights to gradually build up the skin tones little by little.
  5. Hair color, clothing and accessories are the fun part.
  6. The super fun part is in the creation of the “funny face.” (You may have noticed on our website that each person has a humorous and/or random rollover effect, which consists of a superimposed object or facial feature).

Our brand is about characters, so we came up with a unique way of showing that through our caricatures. Take a peek at our work to see how our very talented designers have helped companies create a unique brand.

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