Carolina Outboard

Carolina Outboard is a full-service boat dealership and service center in Hampstead, NC. Looking to increase their online presence and sales, Carolina Outboard forged a partnership with our team to develop a marketing strategy that would make big waves.

  • Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing

In order to increase brand awareness, online exposure and reel in more potential boat buyers, our digital marketing team leveraged the power of paid social media ads, Google ads, as well as email marketing. Carolina Outboard’s strategic marketing plan has quickly moved inventory and positioned them as a prominent dealer in Eastern, NC.

Marketing Tackle Box

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytic Reporting
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Facebook and Instagram Ads are the #1 traffic driver and inbound lead source for Carolina Outboard with an impressive average cost-per-click of just $0.18!

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Increase in website traffic from social media ads


Impressions Served


Increase in new visitors to the website

Google Display Ads

Advanced audience targeting and site placement allows Carolina Outboard to advertise on heavily trafficked sites like Boat Trader and for just pennies on the dollar.

Google Search Ads

Effective keyword research and bidding places Carolina Outboard at the top of Google Search results, increasing web traffic and conversions.

carolina outboard boats for sale ads

Increase in Website Traffic From Google Ads


Impressions Served


Increase in Conversions From Google Ads

Email marketing proved effective for keeping potential boat buyers engaged with inventory updates and sales events. A/B subject line testing ensured the most effective messaging reached recipients.

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Average Email Open Rate


Increase in open rate with subject line a/b testing


Average Email click-through rate

*Google Analytics January 1 - July 20 2020 vs. Jan 1 - July 20, 2019.

A Knot Above the Rest

“We have seen a great increase in traffic to our web site and social media platforms, resulting in more direct contact with potential customers and boat buyers. This exposure that Wilmington Design Company has created for us has made such a positive impact on our business, and we are very grateful for all their efforts. Our only regret is that we did not come to them sooner!” – Chris Jones

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