Carolina Comfort Air

To redesign an outdated HVAC website in order to optimize for on-site conversions, rank well in search engine results, and work in unison with a myriad of digital marketing efforts.

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UX Design

With mobile traffic at just over half and knowing we were going to increase digital marketing, we knew we’d have to pay special attention to the mobile design. We looked at the top pages and worked with marketing to identify personas and how people were navigating the website.

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Mobile Traffic

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Users Jan - Dec 2019

Identifying Personas

Sitemap updates

We updated the sitemap based on user flows and restructured the site to be more intuitive and conversion-oriented.


We used wireframes to create a basic layout of the main pages and set a direction before heading into visual design.

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Visual Design & Website Development

We wanted to preserve their current brand while giving it a more modern look. We made optimizations for mobile and special considerations on the homepage.

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carolina comfort air website

Digital Marketing

Our marketing strategy is precise and data-driven, yet nimble enough to yield to the sometimes unpredictable nature of the HVAC industry. Our high level marketing goals are to increase leads and jobs booked through various marketing channels, position Carolina Comfort Air above their competitors, and to help navigate new in-house technology and processes. 

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Marketing tools

Google Search ads are the #1 way homeowners connect with HVAC services

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Optimizing Pay-Per-Click

Effective keyword research and the introduction of display ads led to a significant increase in clicks and goal completions from Google & Bing Ads.

Leveraging Social Media

Detailed audience targeting and on-site micro conversions allowed Facebook’s machine learning algorithm to acquire high-quality leads at a very competitive cost.

The Results

The combined efforts of pay-per-click, social media, email marketing, and SEO have improved website vitals and increased leads. User-friendly analytics reporting has created greater transparency and easily highlights which marketing avenues result in the greatest ROI.

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Increase in Website Sessions

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Increase in Clicks from Google Ads

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Increase in Sessions from Facebook + Instagram

*All statistics since Sept. 11, 2019 website launch (compared to previous year)