Installing A Winning Strategy

How we helped grow a local HVAC company into the #3 Trane® dealer in America

Testing The Temperature

Carolina Comfort Air opened their doors in Smithfield, North Carolina. They specialize in making their customers happy and relaxed in their own homes by providing high-quality service, maintenance, and replacement of residential heating and air conditioning systems.

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Turning Up The Heat

In 2013, Carolina Comfort Air called upon us to help solidify them as an industry leading HVAC company in North Carolina. In these four years, we’ve developed a solid marketing plan to accomplish these goals:

  • Build Consumer Trust And Loyalty

  • Execute Marketing Strategies To Match Regional Needs

  • Increase Company's Overall Sales Y-O-Y

  • Bring Awareness To Extensive Community Involvement

Our Results

Company Grew 4-Fold

With strategic digital marketing, Carolina Comfort Air was able to convert their two locations into eight. Wilmington Design Co. helped Carolina Comfort Air’s brand establish themselves as the #3 Trane HVAC company in the country!

  • 144%

    Over 219,000 Total Website Sessions

  • 142%

    Over 1,100 More Conversions

  • 523%

    Increase In Email Subscribers

  • 73%

    Increase In Page Views

*Source: Google Analytics, 2014-2016

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A Comfortable Strategy

Social Media Marketing

We relied heavily on A/B testing with Facebook advertising for the client. After thoroughly testing out a national Trane campaign, in which the client provided graphics for us, we got curious and wanted to see if our own ads could do any better. So we tested it.

Carolina Comfort Air National Ad example

National Ad

National Ad


Number Of Clicks


Our A/B
Test Ads


Number Of Clicks

Carolina Comfort Air A/B Test Ad

Ad #1


Highest Average

Carolina Comfort Air A/B Test Ad

Ad #2


Average Reach

Carolina Comfort Air A/B Test Ad

Ad #3


Number Of Clicks

Optimizing Your Advertising Budget

PPC Marketing

With a broad service area and a wide variety of services available, our Google AdWords strategy required very specific targeting based on geography and careful keyword selection. By writing relevant ads, creating service and area specific landing pages, and watching bids closely we were able to drive down the cost per click as well as cost per lead driven by Google AdWords.



Lowered From $8.74 To $6.82



Lead Increase From Adwords

Construct An Effective Strategy

Email Marketing

Testing and personalization were the keys to a cool email strategy for Carolina Comfort Air. To ease first appointment jitters we began a program of appointment reminder emails. We also sent monthly marketing emails that included a clear call to action. Our email marketing efforts resulted in great improvements in conversion rates and rock bottom unsubscribe rates.

Conversions From Email

  • 1067% Increase
Conversions Email example

Sessions On Website

  • 74% Improvement
Sessions Email example

Super Low Unsubscribe Rate

  • 0.46%
Unsubscribe Email example

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