New Bern, NC Case Study

The city of New Bern, NC has much to offer as the second oldest town in North Carolina, and the first state capital of North Carolina. Located at the heart of the Twin Rivers, the New Bern area boasts miles of natural landscape and a network of waterways perfect to enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, and boating. 

This vibrant waterfront community is also home to the Pepsi-Cola Corporation, and home to the original spot where Pepsi was created. Visitors can learn about the creation of this popular beverage while window shopping. The bustling waterfront of New Bern features many specialty and antique shops, restaurants, art galleries, and theaters.

Because of New Bern’s rapidly growing vacationer population, the region has seen an increase in the need for rental property inventory and homes to purchase in the bustling area. Beth Frazier and Associates acknowledged this need in the market and reached out to our team for help on executing. 

We created a website and award-winning that helped show off their local and waterfront rental and property. We chose beautiful photos and videos that helped showcase the local area and activities to prospective customers and worked in tandem with our marketing efforts and research to increase conversions.

To meet the overall goal of Beth Frazier and Associates we used a multi-channel marketing approach to finding new qualified potential buyers and renters.  Our efforts included email marketing, paid Facebook marketing, and regular SEO work to ensure prime locations in search engines. Our team built robust campaigns on both Facebook and Google to drive awareness and lead generation for their ideal audience. Then we worked through their customer journey to build out CRM integrations and customized email automation. View our detailed work portfolio for Beth Frazier and Associates to get a better idea of how we navigated the New Bern marketing landscape.

Need help growing your New Bern business? Reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

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