chick fil a saying my pleasure graphic

Chick-fil-A is dominating the fast food industry. The company generates more revenue per restaurant than any other fast-food chain in the US, according to QSR magazine. Chick-fil-A’s average sales per restaurant in 2014 was $3.1 million. Its fried-chicken competitor KFC sold $960,000 per restaurant that same year.

Despite their relatively small size (and being closed on Sundays), Chick-fil-A also ranks highly in terms of its total sales. The chain generated nearly $5.8 billion in revenue in 2014, making it the eighth-largest fast-food chain in the country.

So what is the secret to Chick-fil-A’s success?

Beyond the food, which gets high ratings from customers like me, many analysts point to Chick-fil-A’s exceptional service and consistent use of positive phrases such as “my pleasure”. Their refreshing approach distinguishes Chick-fil-A from its competitors, highlighting the importance of the little ways you communicate with customers.

When customers call, email, or chat online with customer service representatives, they have come to expect that they’ll most likely get mediocre to horrible service. Of course, what you do can be as important than what you say. But your choice of words will have a significant effect on the way the customer hears what you’re saying, and consequently the way he/she feels about it and reacts to it.

Here are some of our favorite active, enthusiastic, genuine and upbeat words that could dramatically change the way your customers react to conversations, e-mails and text chats. They are ridiculously simple, yet powerful tweaks to the normally bland, predictable language of customer service:







On our office wall at Wilmington Design Co., we have a large canvas that says “Go the extra mile – It’s never crowded!”
We pride ourselves in doing more then what is expected for our clients and it is our
pleasure to take the extra steps needed to lead our clients to success. When working with our client’s customers, we adapt our speech and written correspondences to include language that elicits positive emotions and encourages customers to take action, by using simple affirmative words. We find more prospects gravitating towards our clients promotions and offers, which makes a clear impact on our clients leads and conversions.

Going the extra mile with the thoughtful use of some positive trigger words in your business communications, will not only result in a much happier customer, but it can support your business growth and expansion. You’ll absolutely change the entire tone of your customer’s interaction.