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It’s a familiar question, “How did you hear about us?” There is little doubt that you have been asked this question before, either online, in person, or both. The original purpose of the question was to help identify the effectiveness of a business’s marketing efforts by shedding light on the journey of its customers. However, in the digital age, where consumers encounter brands through diverse channels like social media, Google, and YouTube, recalling the exact point of first contact has become increasingly challenging.

We all know that human memory, while remarkable, is not always dependable. When faced with the question, customers might draw a blank or offer uncertain responses, creating gaps and inaccuracies. Relying solely on memory poses a risk as humans can only retain 10% of what they read, potentially distorting the understanding of customer journeys and hindering businesses’ ability to identify successful marketing strategies.

In today’s bustling digital landscape, consumers navigate a maze of brands vying for attention. Customers often encounter a product or service through multiple touchpoints before direct interaction, making it difficult to pinpoint the initial encounter accurately. For instance, a shopper might discover a women’s shoe brand through a Facebook ad, engage on social media, and ultimately make a purchase prompted by an email newsletter. While the newsletter served as the final push, her first exposure was the Facebook ad. When customers attempt to recall, they often mention just one instance, missing the broader picture.

Recognizing the limitations of the traditional question, businesses need to evolve their approach to analog customer feedback. Implementing modern strategies is essential to gaining better insights into how customers discover your product and services. Instead of relying solely on human memory, businesses can take advantage of powerful tracking tools like Google Analytics and social media insights. These tools provide real-time, data-driven insights into customer pathways, reducing inaccuracies and offering a better view of touchpoints. By incorporating modern tracking methods, businesses can fine-tune their marketing approaches, efficiently allocate resources, and amplify their overall impact.

Modifying the methods for gathering customer insights allows businesses to not only enhance marketing strategies but also foster a more satisfying experience for customers.

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