It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...... a flying saw?

Posted by Bill Hunter on Apr 26th, 2016 in Client News

If you are ever in an area where the Rotor Blade team is working, you may think that your eyes are playing tricks on you when you notice a series of massive circular saw blades spinning around directly below a shiny red helicopter. Nothing to fear, the Rotor Blade team is here! The innovative company was formed in 2008 by brothers, Dee and Ashley Haddock, to provide aerial sidewall trimming for gas, rail, and power rights-of-way using an aerial saw they developed together.

Rotor Blade has caught the attention of executives in the utilities industry with their safe and efficient way to trim trees along power lines at a fraction of the cost of traditional practices and their team can be seen flying power lines up and down the East Coast.

The business end of the aerial trimming service, better known as the "flying saw," is made up of a massive 800 lb, 10-bladed rotating saw that is powered by its own custom engine. The massive saw is suspended directly below an MD 500 helicopter, which is carefully guided by their highly skilled pilots.

Over the last few months, the WDC team has worked closely with Rotor Blade to overhaul and update their branding to include a new logo, brochures, responsive website, web application, videos, a full tradeshow booth, and other marketing collateral. Check out the video we helped create below to see Rotor Blade in action!