work from home bingo card

By default, our team of marketers, developers, and designers are digitally-versed. It comes with the job description. 

Being a digital agency, we’ve been able to function pretty normally (we say this loosely) during these times. What even is normal in today’s climate?

With several of our team members already fully remote, transitioning the rest of our crew during this time was fairly pain-free. Not too much has really changed for us, other than seeing each other face-to-face. Unless of course, you count video calls? 

We still rely on our day-to-day tools like Slack for easy internal communication and Join.Me, Google Hangouts, and Zoom for screen sharing with clients and prospects. 

While this remote state isn’t totally foreign to us, we know this isn’t the case for all businesses and their employees. We recognize that this is a trying time for most and working from home is another ball to juggle. 

With all that is going on, we wanted to share some light-hearted, yet totally applicable content! Read on as our team offers up personal work from home tips, humorous remote work chronicles, and insights on how the digital marketing landscape will be impacted post-COVID. 

Work From Home Tips

It’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is unique. On top of balancing work, many of us are also entertaining kids, playing teacher, herding pets, and more. With so many roles to take on, stress undoubtedly creeps in. Let’s look at a few ways our team stays sharp while working from home!


Post COVID-19 Digital Marketing Insights

There’s no arguing that COVID-19 will impact the way we do business. While we don’t know the full extent (and likely won’t for some time), we do know that the marketing playbook is changing. Our experts weigh in on what we believe is to come in the digital space!

Our Work From Home Chronicles

From the ironing board to the ping pong table desk, we’ve seen some pretty creative and downright hilarious work from home setups flood the internet. Currently, my bistro patio table has been recruited to support two widescreen monitors, a DIY mousepad, and a stack of coffee mugs that resembles the Tower of Pisa. Is it beautiful? No. Does it work? Yes. 

We’re great online, but even better in person! 

We know times are weird, we’re right there with you! If you need a helping hand with your brand messaging, marketing strategy, or online presence, contact us for a totally sales-free consultation. Our team is eager to offer their expertise and look forward to meeting you in person at our office when life is a little less crazy!