A Two-Story Success

How our partnership helped a local home builder DOUBLE their sales in one year.

The Backstory

Red Door Homes is a rapidly-growing North Carolina home builder, offering over 30 affordable, custom-built home plans on your land. For over 20 years, Red Door Homes has been offering a simple building process and a collection of floor plans to fit any size family, turning homeowner’s dreams into a reality.

Red Door Homes NC website on different devices

A Blueprint of Our Goals

Red Door Homes of The Carolinas entered 2016 with the goal of growing their share of the custom build home market in two geographic areas in North & South Carolina, increase the number of leads they receive, and improve their conversion rate of these leads.

  • Increase Awareness of Red Door Homes in Their Markets

  • Improve User Experience and Engagement

  • Drive New Traffic and Qualified Leads

  • Improve Conversion rates with CRM Integration

Our Results

Home Sales Doubled

By forging a partnership with us, Red Door Homes was able to improve their number of qualified leads, contributing to the expansion of their business into multiple markets and an increase of home sales by 2x.

  • 117%

    158,800 Total Website Visits

  • 1.2M

    Page Views in Millions at 125% Improvement

  • 120%

    60,000 Visits from Organic Search Optimization

  • 5.63

    Average Minutes per Session Duration. 6% Increase

  • 7

    Pages Viewed per Session 4% Improvement

  • 879

    Leads Generated from Conversions. Up 22%

*Source: Google Analytics, 2015-2016

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This is how we did it


To resonate, engage, and remain in the minds of Red Door Home customers, we created a solid content strategy plan for the brand. Our design team created pocket folders, print advertisements, brochures, banners, and so much more, that consistently align with the overall brand and messaging.

Create A Better Web Experience

Website Design & Development

We approached the obstacles for Red Door Home’s website individually to build a stunning new website with a clean, modern design. The final product showcases an improvement in site mobile accessibility, overall user experience, and integration with the client's CRM.

A Backend That's Completely Self-Explanatory

  • Manage Home Plans
  • Edit Locations
  • Upload Images
  • Add Team Members
  • Update Content
  • So Much More!

Construct a Winning Strategy

Digital Marketing

To meet the goals of Red Door Homes we took a multi-channel approach to finding new qualified potential customers. To start, we completed ongoing technical audits of the site, fixing any errors that could hurt Organic Search Engine Rankings.

Optimized E-mail Marketing

  • 108% Site Visits
  • 59% New Users
Optimized Email Marketing example

Targeted Facebook Advertising

  • 34% Leads
Targeted Facebook Advertising example

Effective Search Engine Optimization

  • 120% Organic Traffic
Effective Search Engine Optimization example

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