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Kris Gerner

SEM/PPC Strategist

After growing up in Greensboro, NC, I moved to the coast for a Summer in 1999. Twenty-four years later, I am still here and in love with the coastal area. In 2007 I built my first website for my photography business. Although I enjoyed photography, I began to develop a passion for web design and all things digital marketing. In 2013 I decided to work for an agency, and I have been doing that ever since.


910-395-9997 EX: 130



HOMETOWN: Greensboro

BIRTHDAY: March 4th



● ACTIVITIES / HOBBIES: Fitness, Weightlifting, Running, Hiking in the park with my dog, and escape rooms with my son.
● MUSIC: Literally everything, I studied classical guitar and played in a rock band,
● LOCAL HANGOUT: Satellite
● BOOKS: The Law of Success
● TV: The Office, Parks & Rec

Random Facts

1. I am a single Dad
2. I run 2 miles a day
3. I believe in Jesus, Karma, Positivty, and Good Vibes. I am also an INFJ.

Bucket List

1. Travel to Greece or Italy
2. Hiking in Utah
3. Commit to volunteering at a local charity.

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