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Meet Casey!

Casey’s strong background and decorated experience in web design caught the eye of the Wilmington Design team. Living on the Virginia coast most of her life, she took a job as an Associate Interactive Designer in Blacksburg, Virginia. After working in the mountains of Virginia for 3 years, Casey was ready to get back to coastal living. She accepted a position as the UX/UI Designer for WDC where she uses her user research and user interface design skills to showcase her best work. Read more about Casey

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Glass Half Empty Or Half Full?

If you step into our office, you’ll hear the phrase “glass half full” being used quite often. This is because our team wholeheartedly embraces a positive mindset and encourages one another to apply it to our work in

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QR Codes Are Making A Comeback

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are becoming increasingly popular again as a way to access digital content or information quickly and easily. These codes are similar to barcodes but can be scanned by smartphones and other devices, making

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7 Things Sports Officiating & Digital Marketing Have In Common

Recently, our team was pleasantly surprised to learn that our Digital Marketing Strategist, Madison Kay, umpires youth softball games in her free time. As we chatted about her experiences, we realized that there are actually a lot of similarities between sports officiating and digital marketing. Although these two fields seem to be completely unrelated, there are “striking” similarities between them that we were eager to explore. Madison’s passion for both digital marketing and sports officiating inspired us to take a closer look and share our findings. Let’s explore how these two seemingly disparate fields have more in common than one might think.

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