Say Hello To Our Little Friends

Posted by on Nov 12th, 2015 in Company News

We spend our days focusing on our clients through our branding, digital marketing, and web design and development services. But our evenings are all about catering to our furry friends. Meet the furbabies of WDC. You'll find they are just as unique as their chosen humans.

Spiffy Brooksâ€Â¨
Human Slave: Jamie Brooks
Alias: Mr. Fuzzy Pants

Spiffy J. Brooks was born in a garage in Winston-Salem, N.C. eight years ago. At least that's the cover story we're going with. We can't show his face because he is in the Cat Covert Ops unit of the CIA. He speaks multiple languages including Sleepy Cat, Hungry Cat, Parseltongue and French. â€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨

1. Gravy Sensationsâ€Â¨
2. Red Wineâ€Â¨
3. Insect Assassinations â€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨

â€Â¨1. Thunderâ€Â¨
2. Bugs that fly around inside light fixturesâ€Â¨
3. Small Talk

Ryder Belle Cain
Adopted Person: Melissa Yelverton Cain

Ryder is a teething, snuggling, wake-her-parents-up-at-1:49-in-the-morning gray ball of total cuteness. She's scared of peculiar things, like jingle bells and plants. One day she'll outweigh her mom, which is unfortunate because she's a lapdog ... Don't you dare tell her otherwise!

1. Snuggling
2. Her pet monkey
3. Watching football

1. When mom scolds her (Dad's the mean one)
2. Being told to do something she doesn't want to do (like potty)
3. Long walks (she's lazy)

Artie Hunter
Treat Suppliers: Bill Hunter and Kim Hunter
Aliases: Arthur, Chachi, Poochacher and the Art Man

Artie Hunter is a Wilmington native who is louder than loud and faster than fast. His most favorite thing to do is to unwrap presents or anything resembling a present. After having surgery simultaneously on both front legs as a puppy he learned to balance on his hind legs while standing and/or sitting. The silver lining of his early difficulties is now his signature move: the little bear. It always gets a treat!

1. Tissue paper
2. Smelly socks
3. Empty water bottles

1. Hair Dryers
2. Stir fry
3. Being ignored

Jammer Pants Jones
â€Â¨Friend Beast: Eric Jonesâ€Â¨
Alias: Jam Jamâ€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨, Jambot

Jam Jam was born and adopted from Murrell's Inlet, S.C. He is a 3-year-old Basset/Corgi mix and is ridiculously outgoing and friendly. He enjoys the beach, belly rubs, the trails at Halyburton Park and swimming, if the occasion is just right. â€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨

Though a noble pup, Jammer Pants Jones does have a few fears, including:
â€Â¨Ă˘€Â˘ balloons
â€Â¨Ă˘€Â˘ any utensils held in your handâ€Â¨
â€Â˘ cardboard boxes
â€Â¨Ă˘€Â˘ new items or items that move on it's own
â€Â¨Ă˘€Â˘ and anything else not yet listed

â€Â¨1. Frozen peanut butter in kongsâ€Â¨
2. Squirrels and bunny rabbitsâ€Â¨
3. Playing tugâ€Â¨
4. Eating carrots

â€Â¨1. Rainy weatherâ€Â¨
2. Smaller dogs that yap a lotâ€Â¨
3. Staying up past 8.30 p.m.

Leon Pikoulasâ€Â¨
Human Puppy Hammock: Carolyn Pikoulas

Leon is a six-year-old Corgi. He thinks he's a pretty big deal, and as such, declined to comment further. You should already know who he is.

1. Jumping on peopleâ€Â¨
2. Walksâ€Â¨
3. Swimmingâ€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨

â€Â¨1. Miniâ€Â¨
2. Sharing things with Miniâ€Â¨
3. Rain

Mini Pikoulasâ€Â¨
Cuddle Buddy: Carolyn Pikoulas

Mini is a Beagle. Like a true lady, she's chosen not to reveal her age - or much else - to retain her mystery.

1. Nylabonesâ€Â¨
2. Laying in sunâ€Â¨
3. Cuddlingâ€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨

â€Â¨1. Thunderâ€Â¨
2. Being aloneâ€Â¨
3. Swimming

Ocelot Young (pictured in the box)
â€Â¨Chosen Human: Stephanie Young
â€Â¨Aliases: Ossie, Assie, Kitty

Ocelot emerged from the bushes in a small town called Greenville. He looked upon our humble home while wandering through the wild and decided, "these shall be my humans." He still has the ability to tap into his wild side when he is among nature. We try to avoid this as he can become fairly bitey. His primary form of communication is chirping, stomping and kneading on us while we sleep.

1. Delicious treats that make him chubby
2. Decapitating spiders
3. His humans

1. Vacuum cleaners
2. Sharing a litter box
3. Being ignored

Sophia Young (pictured out of the box)
Box Supplier: Stephanie Young
Aliases: Sophie, Soph, Miss

Adopted August 2015, Sophia is the youngest in our glaring. She enjoys binge watching Netflix and chasing sounds. Her greatest pleasure is pouncing on Ocelot as he is about to fall asleep. She also enjoys nursing on a special furry blanket that resides on our couch. She doesn't hold back when communicating her need of food. She promptly tells us she's hungry for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a 2 a.m. snack.

1. Breakfast foods
2. Sitting in bags and boxes
3. Attacking the mouse cursor while we work

1. Strange smelly creatures called "dogs"
2. Being removed from her favorite sitting spot: the kitchen table
3. Not capturing the cursor

Raleigh Zirkleâ€Â¨
Huggle Buddy: Amy Zirkle

Raleigh Zirkle is a well-traveled almost 2-year-old, 145-lb Bernese Mountain Dog. Born someplace in Iowa, he trekked to San Francisco where he lived for the first year of his pony-sized life. Just before his first bday, he road-tripped across the country to his current home. Don't ask him about it. It's best to forget. All's well that ends well, though: Raleigh upgraded his studio apartment for a full-sized house, complete with multiple humans and a brother-dog named Moose.â€Â¨Ă˘€Â¨

1. Everyone/Everythingâ€Â¨
2. Hugsâ€Â¨
3. Food, of both the edible and non-edible varieties

â€Â¨1. Nothing/No oneâ€Â¨
2. See #1
â€Â¨3. 4-day cross-country roadtrips