Pay to Play on Social

Posted by Bill Hunter on Feb 13th, 2015 in Marketing & Design

Social users have begun noticing a trend: paid advertisements on their beloved social apps. Now, more than ever, small businesses can benefit from paying to advertise on social engines such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not sure you want to bite? Recently on Facebook we've noticed that social posts that were promoted were seen by WAY more people than posts that weren't... we're talking 2,531% more. Aha! Now we have your attention...


Pay to boost company posts on Facebook in order to reach more customers. Facebook allows users to boost posts based on demographic and geographic metrics. But, Facebook isn't stopping there... companies can even create ads that appear within a user's newsfeed. They're similar to boosted posts, but can be measured on a more granular level - breaking down target audiences based on interests, demographics, geographics, occupation and much more. We've even found that some clients are paying only $0.06 per click when advertising on Facebook. That's some pretty inexpensive exposure!


You've been seeing Progressive posts on your Instagram feed but... You don't follow Progressive. That's right, Progressive is paying to target you, and others like you, on Instagram. Relatively new to the sponsorship world, larger brands are beginning to test the effectiveness of paying to advertise posts on users' photo feeds. Instagram is even testing the success of including multiple photos in one post. Smaller businesses will be able to advertise shortly, they're just working out a few kinks before offering.


Promoted ads appear in timelines and search results, and can target Twitter users based on gender, interests, geography, devices and similarity of other users currently following your business. Ads are even able to be tracked through Analytics and any business can pay to play. Measure the effectiveness of your ads by their Clicks, Impressions, Click Through Rate and Conversions and only pay for actions that line up with your campaign's objective.