Gearing Up for a Simple 2014


Simplification is defined as omitting or reducing complexity. Like many companies this time of year, we are taking inventory of 2013 and gearing up for 2014. The first question asked when planning is usually: “How can we be better in 2014?” Better is often synonymous with bigger, faster, more complicated or wild (think Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus).  At WDC, … Continue reading

Client Featured in Builder Magazine


Westan Homes approached us with a fantastic concept to offer typical “upgrades” as standard features in every home built.  Having named the venture “Bright Ideas” internally, Wilmington Design Company was tasked with bringing the concept to life visually and capturing the attention of an engaged audience. Working together with the client, the design and internet marketing team put in place … Continue reading

Toot Your Horn Auction Orange

Wilmington Design Email Template

Hard work pays off and we’d like to share a client success. The results featured below are a combination of Wilmington Design Company’s tools, designers and programmers, paired with the follow through and execution of the client. Auction Orange came to us with no data on how visitors were reaching or interacting within the online space. We worked to design … Continue reading

3 e-Newsletter Makeover Tips


Tip #1: Optimize for mobile. The latest statistics show that more and more of your subscribers are reading emails on their smartphones. Soon the market for mobile devices will surpass desktop PCs for Internet access. Make sure your newsletter is readable and well designed for handheld viewing. Tip #2: Don’t be a car salesman! Consumers try to avoid advertising messages … Continue reading

How to handle image-blocking e-mail clients


You might think that with so much high-speed Internet in the world and new and improved e-mail client software, that your HTML e-mail campaigns will be viewed in their entirety by your recipients. But according to Campaign Monitor, the popular e-mail marketing service, e-mail clients like Outlook and Gmail are actually more frequently blocking images from being downloaded. So, instead … Continue reading

E-mail Frequency-How Much is Too Much?


When I think about companies who send out too many e-mail messages in a given month, I think about a particular funny graph by comedian Demetri Martin: The more frequently I get bombarded by marketing messages, the more likely I am to tune them out entirely. I’m not saying there’s an exact scientific method to e-mail campaigns, such as what … Continue reading

Wasting Your Leads?


If you have some type of capability for lead capture on your website, don’t waste the opportunity by not staying connected with potential customers. For example, I created an account with an online store so I could have the ability to save products I was interested in buying. I didn’t want to purchase the items at the time, but I … Continue reading

17 E-mail Marketing Glossary Terms for Better Campaigns


Even though e-mail marketing has been around now for more than a decade, there’s still much confusion when it comes to understanding key elements that determine your campaign’s success or failure. We’re here to help you with a glossary of 17 terms you should know, so you can better track your campaign’s performance. Above the fold: The top portion of … Continue reading

Does the CAN-SPAM Act mean you can spam people?


The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, a law that sets the rules for commercial email, was created to give recipients the right to stop receiving unwanted and unsolicited e-mail messages, and spells out tough penalties for violators. Here’s what every company who sends e-mail newsletters should know… The CAN-SPAM Act covers all commercial messages, which the law defines as any electronic … Continue reading