Client Featured in Builder Magazine


Westan Homes approached us with a fantastic concept to offer typical “upgrades” as standard features in every home built.  Having named the venture “Bright Ideas” internally, Wilmington Design Company was tasked with bringing the concept to life visually and capturing the attention of an engaged audience. Working together with the client, the design and internet marketing team put in place … Continue reading

Law Firm Redesigns Site and Increase Conversions by 88%

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.52.35 AM

Traditionally, optimization is thought of as incorporating tactics into a site in order to increase visits. While increasing visits is important, thinking about measurement is often not considered in the initial planning stages. Optimizing a site for conversions from the beginning can ensure the proper people reach you online and take specific actions on your site. A website design must … Continue reading

Tidewater Aquatics


Wilmington Design Company just launched a brand new website for Tidewater Aquatics. After completing their logo and initial branding, Tidewater Aquatics wanted to continue developing their brand by refreshing their website. Our design team worked closely with the client to create both sleeker organization and a layout that was cohesive with the company’s other branding materials. In addition to a … Continue reading

6 funny Real Estate videos from around the world


There are plenty of bad, “homemade” online videos from Real Estate companies and agents. Many of them have been created internally, using inferior production equipment and ill-conceived concepts. The videos often appear unprofessional and overall self-righteous in nature. The whole point of creating an entertaining-type of video is to have it go “viral.” But above all, it must promote the … Continue reading

Ad Copy: the Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Weird


At the grocery store one day, I found myself looking for MSG-free salad dressings (which turned out to be a difficult task). I finally found a brand, but while I was reading over their ingredients, I noticed a weird “story” on the back of the bottle. If you’ve ever bought a Newman’s Own product before, you may have noticed these … Continue reading

Facials and Fillers


Facials and Fillers Walk-In Med Spa, located in Morehead City chose Wilmington Design Company to design and launch their brand identity. We have been working closely with Facials and Fillers to create a consistent look for the company, which provides quick, non-surgical procedures in a relaxing, spa setting. In addition to creating their logo we have designed print collateral with … Continue reading

Choosing a domain name


Good domain names are sometimes hard to come by these days. No longer are you able to have one-word URLs (they’ve all been purchased by people who think they’ll become millionaires from owning lots of domains). But having a good domain name is possible and can help make marketing your business a little easier. Should you get a .net or … Continue reading