Instagram Launches Ability for Brand Sponsorship


Advertising antics of big time brands are making their way to infiltrate all things social. Next stop: paid advertising on Instagram. The social media platform is now rolling out the ability for brands to “sponsor” interest-based photos and videos on users’ photo feeds. To test the waters a bit (or to avoid a complete meltdown amongst avid Instagrammers) the social … Continue reading

Painfully Obvious & Extremely Effective Facebook Tactics


We stumbled upon this relevant and entertaining article that gives us excellent insight into Facebook trends and tactics that you might be doing all wrong. The full piece is long and a bit detailed, but we highly recommend you skim the headlines and graphics. We can promise at least one chuckle over the painfully obvious graphics making light of the … Continue reading

Client Featured in Builder Magazine


Westan Homes approached us with a fantastic concept to offer typical “upgrades” as standard features in every home built.  Having named the venture “Bright Ideas” internally, Wilmington Design Company was tasked with bringing the concept to life visually and capturing the attention of an engaged audience. Working together with the client, the design and internet marketing team put in place … Continue reading

Law Firm Redesigns Site and Increase Conversions by 88%

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.52.35 AM

Traditionally, optimization is thought of as incorporating tactics into a site in order to increase visits. While increasing visits is important, thinking about measurement is often not considered in the initial planning stages. Optimizing a site for conversions from the beginning can ensure the proper people reach you online and take specific actions on your site. A website design must … Continue reading

Toot Your Horn Auction Orange

Wilmington Design Email Template

Hard work pays off and we’d like to share a client success. The results featured below are a combination of Wilmington Design Company’s tools, designers and programmers, paired with the follow through and execution of the client. Auction Orange came to us with no data on how visitors were reaching or interacting within the online space. We worked to design … Continue reading

Whose Mayfaire? My Mayfaire

My Mayfaire

Things just got personal at Mayfaire Towncenter with the introduction of “My Mayfaire”. An interactive tool that stores personalized preferences and sends shoppers custom email notifications with information about favorite shops and restaurants in one place. Conceptualized after reviewing website analytics and discovering visitors were downloading coupons from each stores unique webpage, the creative team approached the shopping center marketing … Continue reading

Not just targeting: re-targeting!


Have you been noticing online ads a lot more lately? If so, it’s possible that you’ve been the target of a retargeting campaign. Retargeting (a.k.a. remarketing) is a way for online businesses to simply remind potential customers where they’ve been. The goal is not just for brand reinforcement but also for browsers to ultimately become buyers. For example, I was … Continue reading

Magnum P.I. calculates the true value of a home


Coldwell Banker has just launched a series of new ad spots, featuring a strangely familiar voice-over. The ads are a bit nauseatingly cute with an excess of happy lifestyle footage, narrated by none other than…Tom Selleck. You may think he’s an odd choice for a real estate commercial, but in fact, Selleck’s father had served as a Coldwell Banker executive … Continue reading

Unique Real Estate Advertisements


Getting bored with the typical real estate advertisements? Flipping through the newspaper or real estate magazine can get pretty stale. Most ads seem to blend together with too much text and images and even multiple calls-to-actions. To help break out of the mold, here are some unique real estate advertisement inspirations from around the world:           … Continue reading

6 funny Real Estate videos from around the world


There are plenty of bad, “homemade” online videos from Real Estate companies and agents. Many of them have been created internally, using inferior production equipment and ill-conceived concepts. The videos often appear unprofessional and overall self-righteous in nature. The whole point of creating an entertaining-type of video is to have it go “viral.” But above all, it must promote the … Continue reading