Attract female buyers with Pinterest

Attract Customers with Pinterest

It has been shown that women trust recommendations from the image-centric social site, Pinterest, more than any other social platform. Why? Because women trust other women’s recommendations. Here are some other latest statistics you should know about Pinterest: Since the start of this year, daily users on Pinterest have increased by more than 145%. Of the approximately 12 million users, … Continue reading

6 funny Real Estate videos from around the world


There are plenty of bad, “homemade” online videos from Real Estate companies and agents. Many of them have been created internally, using inferior production equipment and ill-conceived concepts. The videos often appear unprofessional and overall self-righteous in nature. The whole point of creating an entertaining-type of video is to have it go “viral.” But above all, it must promote the … Continue reading

Like, Facebook user engagement is totally up by like, 31%


User engagement on the world’s largest social site continues to grow, and it’s all thanks to the ol’ ‘Like’ button. A whitepaper report from Efficient Frontier?shows that Facebook’s user engagement has increased by a remarkable 31% this past year, which outgrows the 24% increase in impressions per post. Because engagement of posts seems to be overreaching the number of impressions, … Continue reading

Facebook Resources for Business


With Google+ on its way to capture some of Facebook’s share of social networking, Facebook has responded by creating a new Facebook for Business section that helps companies learn how to improve their social marketing operations and better promote their business. You can read about best practices and learn how Pages, Ads and Sponsored Stories can all work together to … Continue reading

8 Tips for Facebook Victory


There can be little success in Internet marketing if you live by the mentality of “set it and forget it” or “outta sight, outta mind.” Creating Facebook campaigns especially can either be very effective or a black hole of time wasted. What can you do to make your company’s Facebook page more effective? Here are 8 tips from Provoque blogger, … Continue reading

4 Ways to Revitalize Your LinkedIn Profile


It seems that Facebook Marketing has been the talk of the town this past year with many businesses jumping on the bandwagon. The problem, however, is that companies will pour all their efforts into one social media and neglect other areas of potential. Take LinkedIn, for instance. When was the last time you logged in to your account? If it … Continue reading