Best iPhone Apps for Realtors


MagicPlan – Create instant floor plans just by taking pictures MagicPlan measures your rooms and draws your floor plan just by taking pictures. You can then get your floor plan in PDF, JPG and DXF format or publish an Interactive Floor Plan on the web. With MagicPlan, everyone can create a floor plan in a few minutes only. Once you … Continue reading

Are virtual tours really worth it?


A good virtual tour — from a buyer’s perspective — is not merely a slideshow of static photographs played along to music. Website users expect a virtual tour to have a voice talking about specific features, along with true video that spans the interior and exterior of that home. The point of a virtual tour is to let homebuyers get … Continue reading

What do you really think about Zillow and Trulia?


Third-party listing syndicators, like Zillow and Trulia first appeared on the web just as the housing market hit its peak, and Realtors around the nation have been both happy and wary about sharing their listings with these national sites as a way to help sales. Today, there seems to be a growing backlash from Realtors who say that the service … Continue reading

Why your website needs a nice “touch”


No longer can you build a website that only looks good when viewed on a computer monitor. With new smartphone and tablet technology, it’s all about making your website “touch-friendly”. And it’s not just websites that are headed toward a mouse-free environment. Even the next Windows Operating System will be touch-activated. We’re moving into a world where touch is king, … Continue reading

10 E-mail No-No’s for Realtors


Oftentimes we become so practiced in sending e-mails, that we forget that there’s an actual human being on the other end. Our words can be taken the wrong way, and we can unintentionally cause tension with our clients and co-workers. What we think sounds casual and friendly may actually appear lazy to someone else. Likewise, quick responses may seem efficient … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of E-mail Signatures


Your email signature is just a fraction in the grand scheme of your marketing plan, but it’s not something that should be overlooked. It’s as much a part of your identity as your business card, if not more so. E-mail is probably the single, most-used form of communication between you and your clients and coworkers. Here are some tips on … Continue reading

8 Free Web Tools To Make Your Life Easier


There are a multitude of free web tools these days that can really help save your business time and money. However, keeping up with these new technologies can be difficult and time-consuming. So we’ve compiled a list of eight FREE web-based applications you may not know about…but should: 1. Dropbox: Share files. Big time. Here at WDC, we use Dropbox … Continue reading

Is Live Chat right for your website?


A 2010 survey of Internet users focused on website Live Chat features. The report details the use of Live Chat with certain demographics, as well as how influential a Live Chat feature is for consumers to make decisions. Bold Software funded the blind survey of more than 1,000 U.S.-based internet users. Here are 5 key conclusions that can be drawn: … Continue reading