Home Builder Using Technology to Ensure Customer Satisfaction


For Fayetteville based Home Builder Caviness & Cates Communities, homeowners are their first priority. They take pride in the fact that they maintain a relationship with customers beyond sale and closing. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we worked closely with the home builder to implement a Homeowner Survey as part of the closing process. The Homeowner Survey is compiled … Continue reading

Magnum P.I. calculates the true value of a home


Coldwell Banker has just launched a series of new ad spots, featuring a strangely familiar voice-over. The ads are a bit nauseatingly cute with an excess of happy lifestyle footage, narrated by none other than…Tom Selleck. You may think he’s an odd choice for a real estate commercial, but in fact, Selleck’s father had served as a Coldwell Banker executive … Continue reading

E-mail Frequency-How Much is Too Much?


When I think about companies who send out too many e-mail messages in a given month, I think about a particular funny graph by comedian Demetri Martin: The more frequently I get bombarded by marketing messages, the more likely I am to tune them out entirely. I’m not saying there’s an exact scientific method to e-mail campaigns, such as what … Continue reading

Wasting Your Leads?


If you have some type of capability for lead capture on your website, don’t waste the opportunity by not staying connected with potential customers. For example, I created an account with an online store so I could have the ability to save products I was interested in buying. I didn’t want to purchase the items at the time, but I … Continue reading

3 Mobile Marketing Tips


According to an IBM survey, developers say that mobile technology — from smartphones to tablets — is not just a current fad, but that by 2015, it will dominate everything! “The cell phone is no longer a gadget – it’s what IT is going to become.” Over the years, developers have become the key at spotting huge technology trends, from … Continue reading

How to Build a Proper E-mail Marketing List


You know the saying: “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.” When it comes to your e-mail marketing lists, however, that sort of attitude just might get you blacklisted. Having a strong e-mail list with the right contacts is one of the most crucial parts of a successful e-mail campaign. This article has some helpful tips … Continue reading

Get personal with your direct mail


Take a look at the junk mail you receive in your mailbox everyday. Very few pieces do a good job at speaking directly to you. Knowing that customized messages can significantly increase response rates for generating leads, you can begin to create better, more targeted campaigns. This is where Variable Data comes into play. Variable Data Marketing offers a way … Continue reading

HD video series for Vance Young

Vance Young Video

Does experience matter? It does for the clients of local Realtor Vance Young. We just completed a series of HD videos for Vance that will primarily be used on line to introduce new visitors to some the areas most beautiful areas to purchase a home. The series includes an Experience Matters video, and 5 videos that focus on specific areas … Continue reading