Instagram Launches Ability for Brand Sponsorship


Advertising antics of big time brands are making their way to infiltrate all things social. Next stop: paid advertising on Instagram. The social media platform is now rolling out the ability for brands to “sponsor” interest-based photos and videos on users’ photo feeds. To test the waters a bit (or to avoid a complete meltdown amongst avid Instagrammers) the social … Continue reading

Fresh from the Facebook Newsroom


Facebook announced updates that will focus on more quality in your newsfeed and less irrelevant viral photos or stories.  We personally like the way Marketing Pilgrim’s Frank Reed sums it up, “Facebook Focuses on Quality Which Means Fewer Memes“…  Read Marketing Pilgrim’s full article. Visit the Facebook newsroom. What is a Meme? For all of you who have heard of a … Continue reading

Painfully Obvious & Extremely Effective Facebook Tactics


We stumbled upon this relevant and entertaining article that gives us excellent insight into Facebook trends and tactics that you might be doing all wrong. The full piece is long and a bit detailed, but we highly recommend you skim the headlines and graphics. We can promise at least one chuckle over the painfully obvious graphics making light of the … Continue reading

No More Google Places. Now What?

blog_google local

Late last month, you may have heard the news that Google Places is being replaced by Google+ Local. Don’t worry if you didn’t know. If your business has already been managing your Google Place page, it was automatically converted to a Google+ Local page. A Google+ Local page features a new layout that puts more emphasis on photos and reviews … Continue reading

The New Facebook: 5 Things You Should Know


At the end of this month, all businesses who have a Facebook Page will need to conform to Facebook’s new timeline format, as we’ve learned from their recent fMC 2012 Conference. If you haven’t watched the hour long video, don’t worry. We’ll break it down for you. The conference started off on somewhat of a pretentious note, with Facebook touting … Continue reading

Google Offers


After this year’s Super Bowl, all business owners should be familiar with Groupon (especially from their amazingly insensitive commercial that seemed to exploit the plight of Tibetan people. In case you haven’t seen it, click HERE. Come on – it’s just poor taste). Now the company really has some competition coming from Google, and local businesses should get in on … Continue reading