The Weather Channel Unveils New Brand Identity

weather channel logo

Posted on November 11, 2013 The Weather Channel Unveils New Brand Identity And All-New Network Visual Identity. The Revamp Includes New Local on the 8s, New Graphics, and New Always-On Local Weather. The Weather Channel announced a network relaunch on Tuesday, Nov. 12, during its live morning programming. The Weather Channel has started rolling out new branding, new Local on … Continue reading

Popular Website chat tool getting new features.


The super popular website “chat” tool Zopim has exciting new features in the works. The award winning website chat tool is getting ready to roll out some new features. The company has been “beta” testing a variety of highly requested features. Among the notable new features and changes, the company is adding additional customizations to the chat badge or widget … Continue reading

Google’s Growing Importance of Mobile Optimization

Responsive Web Design

Google Webmaster Central composed a blog post earlier this month that reinforces the importance of having a website that is not only mobile friendly, but optimized to give visitors similar experience to desktop browsing. Featured in this post were mobile recommendations and common configuration mistakes. Google also published a statement that clearly spells out that sites not in compliance will … Continue reading

5 Rules for Effective Brainstorming


Before you can start a brainstorming session, you must define the problem (hence the reason for bringing your team together to come up with solutions to that problem). Everyone involved must understand the problem and know these following rules: 1. Keep a record of all ideas that are brought forth. The initial brainstorming session can have lots of good ideas … Continue reading

Pay Attention, Marketers!


There was a fascinating educational show on the National Geographic channel some time ago, called “Brain Games,” that had some pretty interesting facts about how our brains work. Having a deeper understanding of the human mind should be every marketer’s objective, since it could aid in the development of better ideas. In the video below, people were tested to see … Continue reading

Too many choices = less profit


I’ve watched an intriguing video on that talked about a simple way some companies are increasing their profits. In short, they’ve found that offering their customers fewer choices can lead to more purchases than offering many choices. Sheena Iyengar (the inaugural S.T. Lee Professor of Business in the Management Division at Columbia Business School) who gave the talk, says … Continue reading

Ad Copy: the Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Weird


At the grocery store one day, I found myself looking for MSG-free salad dressings (which turned out to be a difficult task). I finally found a brand, but while I was reading over their ingredients, I noticed a weird “story” on the back of the bottle. If you’ve ever bought a Newman’s Own product before, you may have noticed these … Continue reading

How Steve Jobs took his agency’s advice and won

Apple image

The tech industry (and society, for that matter) has lost a true innovator with the passing of Steve Jobs earlier this month. But he wasn’t just an innovator to the computer, music, communication, and animated film industry. He also had a hand in changing the face of advertising, starting with the hit 1984 Super Bowl commercial. Here are some interesting … Continue reading

What’s That? Its Tag! (QR Code by Microsoft)


Bored, sitting in the doctor’s office one day, I came across a Lennox ad in a magazine that had a strange-looking 1-inch graphic in the corner. I’ve seen plenty of QR Codes, but this one was nicely branded specifically for that company. From a marketing standpoint, it was intriguing. So, I went online to learn more. I found out that … Continue reading