WDC Does Christmas

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Do YOU have a team of Elves helping you prep for this Christmas season? We didn’t think so… That’s why we’ve been hard at work coming up with ways to help you take off the Holiday edge. Aside from the obvious Xmas shenanigans, (dreaming of sugar-plums, walking in a winter wonderland and rockin’ around the Christmas tree) we’ve been spending … Continue reading

Jiffy GIFs


The Graphics Interchange Format, better known by its abbreviation “GIF” (pronounced “jif” like the peanut butter), uses a bitmap image format to showcase images and animations. No new guy to the block, animated gifs have been used since 1987 and can be seen everywhere thanks to it’s wide support and portability. Posing some limitations, traditional gifs are often better-suited for … Continue reading

Best Songs to Motivate Your Business


This amazing list of 35 motivational, uplifting and inspiring songs just might carry you through your workweek. Pick out your favorite tunes, and you’ll have quite an awesome mixed tape — or a playlist, if you’ve been keeping up with technology for the last 15 years — for you and your coworkers. Songs to help keep things running smoothly: 9 … Continue reading

Watch episode #07051 of Colbert Report, or else.


I was watching the Colbert Report recently, as the man himself — Steven Colbert — talked about a certain company’s devious plan of using women’s insecurities to make money. In short, the company created another body issue for women to feel insecure about: their armpits. Then, the company sold the solution to that problem: a new deodorant. What a genius … Continue reading