Print may be dead, but these printing techniques are totally killer

We’ve known that print was a dying industry, way back when Dr. Egon remarked, “Print is dead,” in the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters. He was right. Although the Internet was in its infancy at the time, geeks like him knew the impact that this technology would have on business, marketing and communication.

The web is where your customers go to find answers. But before you write-off print all together, remember this: using print (i.e. direct mail, billboards, magazine advertising, etc.) allows you to tell your customers what questions they should be asking in the first place. Where the web “pulls” in your customers, print can be a way to “push” them in the right direction.

So, let’s get excited about print again and spruce up your marketing materials! To help, here are a few awesome printing techniques that you should consider…

(Special thanks to for putting this awesome list together!)

Debossing/Embossing (impressions on paper)

Varnish (Spot, all-over, gloss or matte, etc.)

Thermography (raised ink)

Die-Cut (cutting irregular shapes using a die)

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