Chrome Ahead of Firefox Globally

According to the analytics tracking firm StatCounter, Google Chrome rose to 25.69% in November, slightly surpassing Mozilla Firefox as the second most-used browser worldwide for the first time.

Google may not be able to claim victory yet, as it still maintains a third place rating in the U.S. with 17.3%, trailing Firefox’s 20.09% and Internet Explorer’s strong 50.66% lead. However, this newest statistic is quite a feat considering that only two years ago, Chrome held just 4.66% of the global market. In the past year alone, Chrome has leapt over 14.8% in usage.

Chrome’s growing popularity is due impart to its speed and specialized features. The Google browser runs on less processing power, which makes it faster and less likely to crash, compared to its counterparts. Chrome also appeals to design and web professionals with convenient development tools such as script viewers, site testers, and text generators.

Chuck Emory, a member of the WDC Web Development team explains why he uses the browser: “One of the best things about Chrome is that it’s W3C compliant. Not only does this make the websites we build compatible with multiple browsers, but it also helps them to gain better rankings in search engines.”

Even though Chrome still has a way to go, the company is making strides to continually improve, and is forecasted to completely overtake Firefox’s second-place spot by mid-2012.

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