Like, Facebook user engagement is totally up by like, 31%

User engagement on the world’s largest social site continues to grow, and it’s all thanks to the ol’ ‘Like’ button. A whitepaper report from Efficient Frontier?shows that Facebook’s user engagement has increased by a remarkable 31% this past year, which outgrows the 24% increase in impressions per post. Because engagement of posts seems to be overreaching the number of impressions, more users are compelled to respond to content they have seen on Facebook. Thus, Facebook is becoming an even more important place for user interaction.

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The Facebook Like button is now a hugely successful feature, not just on Facebook’s site itself, but across the web as more and more companies embrace it as a means of marketing their website and its content. In fact, 84% of all Facebook user reactions involve the ‘Like’ button. Commenting on posts and status updates represent only 15%. This is rather expected since ‘liking’ a status requires a simple click, without nuch thought. Commenting and writing about a post takes much more time and effort.

However, The Next Web makes a good point: if Facebook is looking to create more meaningful interactions, it should strive to encourage users to comment and share more than just clicking the Like button and moving on.

The whitepaper also tells us that the price of cost-per-click advertising on Facebook has risen an average of 54% over the last year. As Facebook continues to evolve and change (seems like they do something new every week — am I right?), companies will hope that those changes will create better engagements between their brands and users; while the pubic will react — positively or negatively — to more invasion of privacy.