Wasting Your Leads?

If you have some type of capability for lead capture on your website, don’t waste the opportunity by not staying connected with potential customers. For example, I created an account with an online store so I could have the ability to save products I was interested in buying. I didn’t want to purchase the items at the time, but I may have wanted to go back to them at a later date. The problem is, I never received a “thank you” for signing up or even a friendly reminder that I had those products saved in my account. Now, I don’t even remember which website it was, so I can purchase those items.

If a person on your site signs up to receive your newsletter, or to save properties or to view exclusive information, you should at least send them an e-mail message that welcomes that person and demonstrates that you’re there to help. It’s a similar situation to an e-commerce site that has customers who abandon their shopping carts. If the site sends them a friendly reminder, there’s more of a chance that a user may pull the trigger and purchase.

With the sales cycle of real estate being so lengthy, it’s really a no-brainer to at least attempt to follow through on a sale. A gentle reminder may work best, and it is certainly not a good idea to pressure the customer in any way or to blast them with e-mail messages every week. (Which brings us to another article, E-mail Frequency – How Much is Too Much?).