Learn from Team Coco

Any business can learn how to boost consumer awareness just by following the example set by the Conan O’Brien “franchise.” Since leaving NBC last year, Conan and his Team Coco brand have dominated the web, fueled by his diehard fans as well as his inundation in social media. Using a variety of social media tools during his hiatus from late-night TV, he had formed a massive band of loyal followers. When he finally hit the stage this past November on the cable station, TBS, he was already ahead of the game. Here’s how he did it…

Shortly following the ax by NBC, Conan looked to Twitter to share his frustration and humor with the world.

In fact, he now has over 3 MILLION followers on Twitter alone. That’s way more than his rival, Jay Leno, with his measly 205,585 fans. (Actually, there seems to be more anti-Leno Twitter accounts, such as JayLenosJokes, which posts nothing but bad jokes, each containing the phrase, “See this?” and/or “Hear about this?”).

The Conan Blimp, Website, Google and Flickr
Having unique outdoor advertising is a great way to get your name out there. But to really get your audience connected with your brand, there must be some kind of web-based integration in place. For instance, to promote the new Conan show, TBS flew a huge orange blimp around the U.S. last October. Equipped with GPS, it enabled fans to follow the blimp in real-time on Google Maps, check out a live cam, and view high-res images of it on Flickr.

Using YouTube as another marketing channel, Team Coco and its videos have obtained over 16 MILLION views to date. What makes his videos so popular? They’re not only entertaining but also informative by being a news outlet for fans. For example, Conan used YouTube to announce whether Andy Richter would be joining him on TBS and what the new show title would be.

What’s really exciting to his fans are the videos that Conan uses to respond to questions that fans post on his Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook, the show does a great job of enticing viewers to